Draftwright, Inc

The Building Department

The Building Department is responsible for the enforcement of building codes. Building codes have been developed to assure safety both during and after construction. The building department has several divisions that make up the whole; each division is responsible for specific aspects of construction. The department will review plans in order to check for safe construction methods as well as safe design.

The Appraiser and the Money Lender

An appraiser determines how much the new home will be worth after carefully reviewing the building plans. The bank or other lender will advance you the money to build based on the appraiser’s valuation.

The Zoning Department

The Zoning Department is in place to ensure that no part of your new home will be built over any building lines or easements. Any separate structures such as parking areas, detached garages, or swimming pools are checked so that they may be built in the proper location on the lot.

The Architectural Control Committee

This group of people will review the plans to make sure that things such as square footage, garage location, roof pitch, materials used for construction and exterior styling, and landscaping meet the minimum architectural guidelines. They will also check to make sure the house will fit within any building lines and easements on your lot.

Engineering and Health Department

This division determines if your site is located in a flood zone and will dictate any site preparation needed for proper drainage and to make the house safer from flooding.

The Health Department makes sure that wastewater is properly handled by either city sewage or a septic tank.

Approval Process

Complete, well-prepared building plans are always preferred by builders and subcontractors, building departments, bankers, and appraisers. When the plans contain enough information, there is a greater ability to complete the job accurately, and in a timely manner. We at Draftwright believe that cutting corners on plans is an unethical solution to financial and time-management troubles that is all too common.

Almost without exception, when you build a new house, somebody, somewhere, is going to have to approve the plans for construction. The approval process can be very involved. You have to prove to the bank, the building department, the fire and safety department, and health department that your new home will be built to acceptable standards. You must prove your intentions with the proper documentation that include plans, scale specifications, and certification before beginning construction.

The approval process will possibly take you through a developers’ subdivision committee, (often called the Architectural Control Committee or Architectural Review Board), the health department, city engineering, a department responsible for building code compliance, an insurance company, an appraiser, and a mortgage lender.